Kha - a new theory of the universe


by Finn Rasmussen


The Kha theory is alternative to the Big Bang theory.

The universe is eternal and limitless and filled up with the Kha field.

All forces and all energy is due to the Kha field.


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Summary of the Kha theory

The eternal and limitless universe is composed of fields, which I have named Kha. All the
parts of Kha move with the velocity of light through each other. Quarks are eddies in the
Kha field. Neutrinos are parts of the Kha field with a helical shape. The Kha field remains
for ever at all places as a gravitation field around the particles. Forces do not work at a
distance. Particles are only influenced by the Kha field they get in touch with, and this
contact explains nuclear forces, gravitational forces, electric forces, inter-atomic forces and
radioactive decays.


The primordial Kha soup had high energy density. The complete quarks and complete
neutrinos had the same energy density as the original Kha field. Three complete quark
pairs could form a neutron and an anti-neutron. These particles wandered around and
two areas arose in the Kha soup with excess of neutrons respectively anti-neutrons.
Neutrons glued to each other and accumulated in cores of neutronium, that later became
galaxy cores. The energy density was high near the cores. Fireballs arose and they later
became galaxies. The majority of the energy was used for forming neutrons and antineutrons,
which in the meantime annihilated and produced a large number of decay neutrinos.

The formation of fireballs stopped where the cores were sparse. The pressure
of the decay neutrinos on the excess neutrons explains the short acceleration of the
universe and the following expansion.

Electrons are bound to atoms by merging with the positive field around the nucleus.
Photons have a double helical shape. When they pass by they borrow some of the Kha
field, and consequently always have the velocity of light compared to the local Kha field.

That is why the special theory of relativity is rejected. Kinetic energy of a particle is due to
a concentration of Kha field in front of and behind the particle. The formation of spiral
galaxies can be explained by magnetic forces. The process of the formation of galaxies
implies the existence of antimatter between the galaxies. The main part of dark matter is
antimatter in form of droplets of Hydrogen and Helium.

Galaxies are found in a limited part of the universe and beyond is the primordial infinite
Kha field. The field beyond is moving away at high speed caused by irradiation by decay
neutrinos from the fireballs. The field itself emits radiation and because of the high
velocity of the field away from us we observe the microwave background radiation.
However it is possible to see small areas with greater radiation, probably from fireballs in
the Kha field beyond.